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Health Commitment Statement


By booking and participating in any class, workshop or event offered by Wellness with Darcel ( I recognise that Pilates may require varying levels of physical exertion, which may cause physical injury, and I am fully aware of the risks involved.


In addition, I hereby agree to:


  • Ensure I have no medical or physical condition which could put me at risk whilst taking part in a class.

  • Where necessary, seek advice from a medical professional, and supply Wellness with Darcel ( with a copy of such advice.

  • Inform the Wellness with Darcel ( instructor of any injuries, illnesses or pregnancies before each class commences, follow any specific and tailored instructions given, which may include leaving the class should it be deemed inappropriate to continue.

  • Act responsibly and sensibly at all times.

  • Understand that rest postures are always available and should be taken as and when needed.

  • Not participate in a class, workshop or event under the influence of alcohol or non-prescription drugs.



As well as the above, when booking and participating in online classes:

  • I acknowledge the instructor is not able to make judgment of my environment and I am solely responsible for ensuring my space and equipment are safe for use during a Pilates class.

  • I understand that practicing advanced postures, including any and all inversions, is at my own risk as I acknowledge the instructor can not supervise and observe alignment and technique to an adequate level during online classes.

  • Clients from the US and Canada join at their own risk and take full responsibility of any and all of their actions which may lead to injury.

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